The General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes

Vision and Mission


The General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes (GOTHI) was established to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Active contribution to the provision of medical care to citizens in accordance with the state’s health policy with the highest level of quality and efficiency in all branches of medical specialization.
  2. Providing full training and medical education to a new generation of doctors and technicians to be able to meet the needs of citizens in the fields of medical service.
  3. Providing the necessary resources for graduate studies and medical research to contribute effectively to solving the health problems of the masses while keeping pace with the global development in the field of medical research.
  4. Best and latest preventive medicine, pollution control, and environmental conservation systems
  5. Cooperation between hospitals and specialized institutes and between the agencies of the Ministry of Health, medical colleges, and other research centers in the country to provide the necessary coordination to achieve the purposes and objectives of GOTHI.


Providing a distinguished and safe medical service of high quality with a commitment to continuous development and improvement and the optimal use of available resources through qualified medical personnel and modern technologies to raise the level of health care and serve citizens effectively.


We seek to be the accredited body in Egypt and the Middle East, which provides integrated and high-quality clinically and surgical care to patients and research and training for doctors.