The General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes

Medical training

About the Center and conference room

The General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes is characterized by highly experienced medical staff in all disciplines. It provides the latest medical equipment, qualifying the hospitals and institutes of GOTHI to be training centers aimed at graduating medical cadres trained in different disciplines and providing medical service at the highest level. The GOTHI’s interest in human forces development and continuing medical education is at the top of its priorities, which aims to link academic study with universities and employment opportunities at the Ministry of Health and Population through Qualifying medical personnel and the advancement of medical practice at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

 In order to activate GOTHI’s distinguished training and educational role, the Technical Secretariat Training Center of GOTHI, accredited by the Egyptian Authority for Compulsory Medical Training, holds regular and regular professional training courses and diplomas to train medical staff in various disciplines (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy, technicians) and organize several annual scientific conferences to discuss research and learn about the latest findings in science.

In addition to cooperation protocols with the Egyptian Fellowship Program and the directorates of the Ministry of Health, Population, and local and international universities in the field of medical education and training.

In 2020, GOTHI launched an electronic learning platform to train and educate all categories of the medical staff at the republic level, which was instrumental in addressing the Corona pandemic by launching an integrated epidemic response program that included awareness of preventive measures, infection control, and treatment protocols in accordance with its latest updates, including chronic diseases, oxygen therapy, and various nursing procedures.

Cooperation with the Egyptian Fellowship or otherwise:

The GOTHI is accredited by the Egyptian Fellowship for Training in most of the available disciplines and also accredited by the Arab Board, the Irish Fellowship, and the British Fellowship for Women and Obstetrics.

Working group:

The working group is led by the Vice President of GOTHI for Scientific Research and Continuing Education and assisted by a group of doctors in all disciplines to develop plans for continuity of training and continuing medical education.

Training services provided include training courses, workshops, books, and modern medical magazines:

The GOTHI’s library provides the latest medical books and magazines specialized in the fields of medicine, and also, the electronic library was made available through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank to be available to all medical and professional staff in GOTHI.

Many courses are offered, for example:

Infection control, cardiovascular resuscitation, first aid, and other specialties are updated and held in accordance with the approved training policy.