The General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes

About the Authority

In 1975, General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes (GOTHI) was established by Republican Resolution 1002 of 1975 and was considered a scientific institution. Under the  Minister of Health and Population of  Egypt,  Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed  Mahfouz, Professor of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy,    Faculty of Medicine,  Cairo University.

He was given the idea of building an educational, medical institution that could cover the training needs of medical staff and serve patients with the best results in all medical disciplines. It has special laws and regulations that differ from those found in other medical organizations in the Ministry of Health of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes (GOTHI) was established to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Active participation in the provision of medical care to citizens in accordance with The Egyptian Health Policy with the highest level of quality and efficiency in all branches of medical specialization.
  2. Providing a full opportunity for training and medical education for a new generation of doctors and technicians to be able to meet the needs of citizens in the fields of medical service.
  3. Providing the necessary possibilities for postgraduate studies and medical research to contribute effectively to solving the health problems of the Egyptian people while keeping pace with the global development in the field of medical research.
  4.  Applying the best and latest preventive medicine systems, pollution control, and environmental conservation.
  5. Cooperation between educational hospitals and specialized institutes and between the Ministry of Health, medical colleges, and other research centers in Egypt to provide the necessary coordination to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued Resolution 460 of 2017 to General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes (GOTHI).

The resolution, published in the Official Gazette, stipulates that GOTHI, through its units, must actively contribute to providing opportunities for education and continuous medical training for all disciplines related to medical work and to promote research and medical studies related to the preparation of comprehensive plans to solve all problems affecting the health of citizens.

The competent minister chairs the Board of Directors of GOTHI, the membership of the president of GOTHI, the Deans of the Faculty of Medicine of Cairo and Ain Shams Universities, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Universities, five directors of the units of the Authority, two experienced members and public figures, a representative of the Ministry of Finance, the duration of the Board of Directors is four years. A decision is issued to appoint him from the Prime Minister.


GOTHI has been established by Presidential Decree No. 1002 of 1975 and is considered one of the scientific institutions.


GOTHI includes 16 Teaching Hospitals and 9 Specialized Institutes that cover all medical specialties and acts at a tertiary level for health services.

Workforce and Capacity

With 28988 working health professionals, GOTHI contributes effectively to the field of health care with a total of 6164 beds that include 551 ICU beds, 1544 ER beds, and 4620 inpatient beds with an average of 303,601 operation/yearly.