The General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes

A speech by the president of GOTHI

Speech by the President of the General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes (GOTHI):

Human health remains an advanced priority in the service of the citizens of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The critical work remains to provide the highest levels of healthcare and medical services for everyone to enjoy a healthy life, and Egypt has always remained the world’s leading model in various development paths and development aimed at achieving people’s comfort and happiness.

The GOTHI’s unlimited care, support, and empowerment is a real opportunity for us, and we must invest it in participating in the future industry actively, contributing responsibly to the success of the sustainable development process, maintain the forces of human society with high-level health care and competitive medical services that exceed expectations, achieve customer satisfaction, and at the same time make us more able to provide a healthy experience that has its mark.

While we are proud of the human capabilities and competencies of GOTHI in various fields, disciplines, and career levels, we are confident that it is the spirit of the one team that will lead us together to excel and to what we hope and seek for our society.

GOTHI includes elite of doctors, Medical fellows, Fellow assistants, specialists, and consultants, as well as resident doctors who provide care and use the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment for patients 24/7 to serve the citizens of the Arab Republic of Egypt in various provinces through specialized institutes unique in various fields of health such as the National Heart Institute, National Nutrition Institute, National Institute of Neuromotor System, National Hepatology and tropical medicine research institute, National Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Giza Memorial Institute of Ophthalmic Research, National Institute of Urology & Nephrology, Hearing and Speech Institute and Research Institute of Medical Entomology.

GOTHI is considered to be the first professional training and medical training entity in the ministry of health. So GOTHI tries to provide its health services to citizens and training for its medical staff and Egyptian Fellowship and different training programs in different specialties through its hospitals distributed to the governorates of the Republic. GOTHI is keen to provide educational policies such as training resident doctors and Egyptian fellowship doctors and other training programs under the supervision of a variety of members of GOTHI as well as through the GOTHI Training Center for Training through training courses and various diplomas in all specialties of health.

In addition to research objectives aimed at developing scientific research and serving the community, the scientific journal of GOTHI has been published, and it is concerned about publishing scientific researches of GOTHI and tops a distinguished position in the world and regional classification despite the novelty of its publication.

with my greetings and wishes for all good luck,

Mohamed Fawzy Alsoda, MD
President of General Organization for Teaching Hospitals and Institutes (GOTHI)